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Firstly, tooth-colored composite resin (plastic) applied to repair decayed, chipped, discolored or fractured tooth is called Cosmetic Bonding. Therefore bonding is the application of composite resin material for cosmetic dental purposes. Secondly, unlike porcelain veneers which is usually produced in a laboratory and require a customized mold. In contrast, the material used bonds to the tooth, hence it is referred to as cosmetic bonding and most importantly it can be achieved in a single visit.

Uses of Cosmetic Bonding?

Most probably cosmetic bonding is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the look of a discolored or chipped tooth. It also could be used to near spaces between teeth.

On the other hand, it is also used to bridge the spaces between teeth mimicking longer looking teeth, also to change their color or shape.

Furthermore, bonding in contrast occasionally serve as an alternative to amalgam fillings for cosmetic purposes. Finally, it can also act as a protective cover to an exposed portion of the tooth’s root, for instance gum recession.

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Cosmetic Bonding Preparation

First of all, no preparation is required for bonding and as a result there is usually no need for anesthesia, the only exception is when bonding is used as filling to fill tooth decay.

Dental Cosmetic Bonding Houston TX

Cosmetic Bonding Procedure

This procedure is used to repair chips, close down gaps or change the shape and color of a tooth.

Firstly, dentist will use a shade guide to make a selection of composite resin color which match closely to your natural tooth color.

Secondly, once color has been determined by your dentist, the surface of tooth that is to be bonded will be etched or abraded to roughen it.

Thirdly, a conditioning liquid will then be coated lightly on the tooth. This liquid helps in adherence of bonding material.

Most importantly, once your tooth is prepared, your dentist will then apply a tooth-colored, putty-like resin. This resin will be smoothed and molded to achieve the desired shape. Finally, it also will be hardened by applying an ultraviolet laser or light on it.

Furthermore, upon hardening of the bonding materials, further trimming and shaping will be carried out by the dentist. Moreover, the material will then be polished until it gets to a stage where it is a match with the sheen of the rest of your teeth surface.

In contrast, while the procedure may take about between 30 minutes to an hour to completed. However, if it’s more than one tooth, then it may take several visits for total bonding to be completed.

Lastly, some foods or habits such as tea, coffee and smoking as a result can cause stains on the resin just as in normal tooth. Therefore, in order to prevent or minimize stains. Furthermore, it is advised that you should avoid them or other foods, which may cause staining on the composite resin for at least the first 2 days after the procedure. Also, it is imperative that you regularly brush your teeth and have dental teeth cleaning professionally done at a dental hygienist’s office.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Bonding

Firstly, natural teeth is still stronger than the composite resin material used in bonding. Therefore, habits such as biting on fingernails or chewing on pens or ice can cause chipping.

Secondly, composite resin is a stain resistant material but it is not as stain resistant as crowns. Also, another disadvantage is that bonding doesn’t last as long as other restorative procedures such as crowns or fillings. Furthermore, bonding will often last for several years before needing repair. However, factors such as how much bonding was done and your oral hygiene habits will play a huge role in determining how long your cosmetic bonding will last.

After Procedure – When to Call a Professional

Certainly, for instance after cosmetic bonding procedure, you should call on your emergency dentist if you observe sharp edges where the teeth were bonded. Furthermore, if you have a weird feeling or your teeth feels strange when you bite down, be sure to let your dentist know immediately. Lastly, if the bonding chips or pieces of it fall out at any time, you should let your dentist know too.

How Much is Cosmetic Bonding?

Firstly, the costs of dental bonding is not fixed and may vary from place to place. However, in generally bonding can range from between 100 USD to 400 USD per tooth. Furthermore, it is advisable to confer if your dental insurance plan can cover your cosmetic bonding fully or maybe even partially with your dental insurance company.

Additionally, some dentists determine dental bonding as being the most suitable for small cosmetic changes or as a temporary correction of cosmetic defects.

Finally, dental bonding is also deemed appropriate for teeth correction in areas of low bite pressure. In conclusion, your dentist during consultations will advise on the cosmetic approach for your particular dental problem.

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