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For those of us who have been in the situation, you can testify that a missing tooth can make it difficult for you to effectively communicate, bite, speak or even eat properly – Dental bridges might be what is required. That is why it is very essential as you must be feeling to pay a visit to your dentist so that you can discuss all available dental options so that your tooth can be restored.

Using dental bridges is a very viable solution for you. These dental bridges are made use of in dentistry to serve as a replacement for missing teeth and also to provide a bridge that connects the adjoining teeth. The teeth found on either side of the missing tooth are referred to as abutment teeth while the replacement tooth is known as the Pontiac (false tooth).

Importance of Dental Bridges Near Me

Looking to restore your smile while still maintaining your appropriate face shape? Then be rest assured as utilizing dental bridges will make this totally possible. When you use bridges, you will also be able to chew food properly, speak well and align your jaws properly when biting which in turn help to prevent other teeth in the mouth from shifting out of normal position or drifting apart.

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Types of Dental Bridges Options Available For You

There are different types of dental bridges near me, but the four most common types include the following:

Traditional Bridge

This type of dental bridge is the most popular that is used in dentistry and it is produced with porcelain fused to metal or ceramic. On either side of the missing tooth (abutment teeth), a dental crown is made for the teeth with a pontic in between them.

Cantilever Bridge Dental

A cantilever bridge dental is used when the patient does not have two teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Here, the pontic is attached to the end of the abutment teeth that are adjacent to one another after they have been prepped. The cantilever bridge dental is often used when there are not enough teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth to support a traditional fixed bridge.

Implant Supported Bridge

These types of bridges use dental implants, just as the name implies, instead of frameworks or crowns. How this works is that one implant is placed surgically for every missing tooth to the bridge in position. In situations where one implant per tooth strategy is impossible, then the bridge may have a pontic, which is suspended between two crowns that are implant supported.

This type of bridge is considered to have the most stable system. Two surgeries are required for implant supported bridge, these are:

  • The first to embed the implants into the jawbone
  • The second surgery is for placement of the bridge

This procedure can, however, take several months before it is finished.

Maryland Bridge Dental

A Maryland bridge dental is a dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. This type of bridge is manufactured with a metal framework in which the pontic (false tooth) is attached to the porcelain wings or metal cemented to the two abutment teeth. This bridge serves as an alternative to a traditional bridge in a conservative way.

It is not news that a missing tooth can adversely affect some aspects of your normal life such as communication, speech, bite and even eating. That’s why when you have a missing tooth, you should make earnest effort to see your dentist so that they can let you know the option that will be suitable to correct your case.

What is The Dental Bridge Cost and How Long Do They Last?

On average, the dental bridge cost varies in price as the number of units you will need, and the part of the country you currently reside in can be major factors in determining the dental bridge cost. However, on the brighter side, most dental insurance policies can cover some parts of the dental bridge cost. As to how long they can last, you should know that proper maintenance by going for professional cleaning and checkups from time to time can make your dental bridge last for many years

Dental Bridges Treatment Procedure

On your initial appointment, the dentist will start with systematic removal of the enamel structure of the abutment teeth as a preparation step for a crown for the teeth. Next is taking impressions of your teeth so that the dental bridge, crown and also the pontic can be fabricated in the dental laboratory chosen by your dentist. A temporary bridge will be given to you by your dentist to wear for the meantime until your permanent bridge becomes ready.

During your next appointment, your temporary bridge will be taken out so that it can be replaced with the new permanent bridge. After the new bridge has been placed onto the area, it will be checked for proper fitting. You may actually need more than one visit to make sure that the permanent bridge is a good fit and fits securely inside your mouth.

Maintenance of  Your Dental Bridge

You should care for your permanent bridge just as you will care for your permanent teeth. Therefore, you should ensure that the bridge is properly cleaned in between the teeth and the pontic by using a proxy brush and/or a dental floss. You should also brush properly with a talent fluoride toothpaste twice daily as it is very important.

When you clean your bridge properly, the risk of developing cavities will be greatly reduced and also, inflammation of the gum tissue will be reduced as well. When you see your dental professional for regular checkups and also professional cleaning appointments you will be taking a great step in the right direction.

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