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When you hear dental deep cleaning, what comes to mind? You probably may feel that it comes across as something one ought to do if they have skipped a few appointments to the dentist or if they have consumed a messy meal that was particularly sticky. However, a deep cleaning refers in earnest to a specific procedure which is carried out by your dental hygienist in order to treat periodontal and gum disease. It’s completed most times when a patient hasn’t had a regular professional cleaning appointment in six-month intervals.

Why Deep Cleaning is Important?

When you visit the emergency dentist, a tool known as a probe will be used in the measurement of the area surrounding your teeth to see if you have any pocketing (this is the area in between the gum and tooth where the formation of bacteria occurs) by the dental hygienist. When the depth of the gum tissue between the gums and teeth is five millimeters or more, then it referred to as a pocket. It has been recommended by the American Academy of Periodontology that every adult should get a periodontal evaluation carried out every year so that if additional treatment is needed, it can be determined. Measurement of the pocket depth is, however, just a single part of a comprehensive dental evaluation.

According to information garnered from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the ideal length of normal pockets will be 3 millimeters deep or less. If however for any reason the pockets turn out to be as deep as or greater than 5 millimeters, your dentist near me may eventually have to prescribe a deep scaling and root planning appointment for you with the dental hygienist.

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What is Dental Deep Cleaning Procedure

In the dental world, deep cleaning is also referred to as scaling and root planning. According to the NIDCR, the removal of tartar and plaque from the surface of the teeth and also from the pocket area between gums and teeth is what scaling involves. Manual scaling tools or electric or ultrasonic instruments are some of the tools that the dental hygienist employs in order to perform scaling and root planning.

The second aspect of deep cleaning is root planning. Here, a scaling instrument is used by the dental hygienist to take out the tartar and plaque from the surface off the roots of your teeth. You only need just at least two appointments with your dental hygienist for your complete scaling and root planning procedure. However, another visit to follow up may be required for a confirmation that your teeth and gums are becoming more healthy and that the deep pockets have disappeared.

After Care for Completed Scaling and Root Planing Appointments

Scaling and root planning an whole mouth generally needs many appointments. After completing one section of the mouth, he may move on to one more or stop until the next appointment. After the procedure is complete, your dentist will want you to return in a number of couple weeks later for a follow-up appointment.

What To Expect During Treatment Procedure

Your initial visit will have your dentist taking your full health history. During the subsequent visits, if there is a change in your status you should unfailingly let your dentist know. During the subsequent visits you will need to make to the dentist, you should expect the following to happen.

  • A Thorough Cleaning – your dentist or dental hygienist will scrape below and along the gum line for the purpose of taking out all the tartar and built up plaque which can result into gum disease and other dental conditions such as bad breath and cavities. Your teeth will then be polished and also professionally flossed.
  • A Full Dental Examination – a thorough, out-and-out examination of your gums, teeth, and mouth will be carried out so that signs of any disease or other dental problems can be discovered if present.
  • X-rays – X-rays have the ability to detect and diagnose problems that would probably have gone unnoticed otherwise. These may include damages jawbones, abscesses, impacted teeth, tumors or cyst and also decay that occurs in between the teeth.

If you’re want to go for the procedure and become nervous because you feel it might be painful, then you should know that a local anesthetic may be offered to you by your dentist to ease your anxiety. However, after the procedure, you may notice general soreness, bleeding gums or sensitive teeth. Some of these effects, however, occur due to the fact that the cleaning tools might make contact with the inflamed gums which easily bleed.

Eating / Diet

You can eat as much as is tolerated after the effect of the anesthetic has worn off. However, sticky food and hard foods such as nuts and popcorn should be avoided. Also avoid spicy, highly seasoned, brittle or acidic foods in your diet. Foods such as pasta, soups, scrambled eggs, macaroni, and cheese are the to consume during this period.

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